We are told that we live in a time of great creative possibilities. Creative tools are polished, more powerful and more easily accessible than ever. We accept this as fact because of the vast media library that has erupted in the past two decades. This is an illusion. Workflows and creative processes are decided for us the moment an idea is born. Media and genre, although seemingly vast, have become formulaic and predictable.

Within the constrictions of current genres and media, glitch art erupts. It is a call to the deconstruction/destruction of these rules and guidelines, to the breakage of media. We must misuse technology, embrace the error and the accident to create a new culture.

In our daily lives we interact with many systems. We may see them as being mutually exclusive from each other, but still, each are based on identical physical reactions. Once this is realized, translation between any two (or more) systems is possible. Representation and language will often change but the information will remain the same.

Many of these works are a collection of various glitch translations and transcodings among a multitude of systems. The nature of translation is that of a strict process to maintain the integrity of information. In comparison, traditional fine art creates processes that give birth to a desired product. This body of work is the opposite, with an emphasis on process, giving birth to a conceptual product. It is my attempt to remove personal preference from creation, and in turn retain integrity of information.